Sylvia Running-Bear

Sylvia is a lean, 5' 5" Human Female of Cherokee Descent of approximately 50 years of age. Typical dress is Doctor's Lab Coat and glasses. She wears her long, dark hair in a braid most of the time, and a pair of feather's (owl and hawk) tying it off.


NPC, Connection 5

Sylvia Running-Bear has the honor of being the leader of the Houston Branch of the Painted Horse Lodge. A Bear Shaman of some repute, as well as a licensed Doctor, both medically and magically licensed. She has tenure at MD Anderson Hospital, where she teaches new surgical and healing aspects to the many interns working at the hospital trying to earn a residency. Because of her skills at the hospital, and her influence within the shamanic community due to her association with the Painted Lodge, when she speaks, many of the higher ups and Board of Directors at the Hospital listen very closely. What little free time she has, Sylvia spends directing the local Painted Lodge, pushing it’s agenda forward, and giving to local charities for the SINless.

Sylvia Running-Bear

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